100 in 100 Southampton

What is 100 in 100?

The 100 in 100 campaign aims to place 100 unemployed residents into skills and training programmes – ranging from apprenticeships and traineeships to Kickstart placements and T-Levels – all within 100 days across the city of Southampton.


This ambitious campaign aims to highlight the long-term benefits of skills and training programmes to both residents and employers in Southampton. These benefits range from career progression and talent retention to productivity and business growth. The campaign will showcase success stories over the next 100 days that demonstrate the impact skills and training programmes are making, and why it matters as the economy recovers from the national lockdown.

How can I get involved?

Get involved in the 100 in 100 campaign as either an employer or an individual. If you are interested in taking on an apprentice/trainee/kickstart or T Level placement, then you can learn more by speaking to a member of the team at the Solent Apprenticeship Hub, who offer free, impartial advice on your best options.


We offer:
– Access to expert guidance of our Hub advisors, who can help you select the
right training and skills support for your business.

– Support for you to access any financial incentives and funds that might be
available to you, guiding you throughout the process, from beginning to end.

– A direct link to our network of credible training providers, colleges, and
universities when you are ready to take the next step.


The Solent Apprenticeship Hub also offer guidance and support to individuals looking to start one of these training and skills programmes.


Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to speak to one of the Apprenticeship Hub advisers.

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